You Might Be A Feminist If … (part 2)

Today I’m saying something important to me … to my daughter … to my state … to my country. We need to redefine “feminist.” It’s a beautiful word.

(Eisenstadt v. Baird legalized birth control for all Americans on March 22, 1972. We currently have over 7 BILLION people on the earth. Birth control is a population issue as well as a feminist issue.)

You Might Be A Feminist If ... Birth Control

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You Might Be A Feminist If …

Today I’m saying something important to me … to my daughter … to my state … to my country. We need to redefine “feminist.” It’s a beautiful word.

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(Until 1972, it wasn’t illegal to discriminate based on sex in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.)

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If You Aren’t A Radical Feminist (Man or Woman), You Should Be …

The most recent violent act against women (and some men) by the young man whose name I refuse to mention broke something in me.

I watched his video rant against women and why he planned to kill them, and for just a moment, I fought the urge to laugh, Continue reading

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Descriptions … Or Lack Thereof

I used to believe that descriptions in books were a waste of the reader’s time. I’d think, “Get to it, already. I want to know what happens!” I’d skip entire passages — and sometimes whole pages — in my eagerness to reach the action. I even felt somewhat smug in my ability to get the gist of a book in a short amount of time. After all, I knew the important points, right?


For years, I’ve been saving baby clothes, athletic jerseys, and various odds and ends from the kids’ wardrobes. I kept baseball caps, baby bonnets, blankets and bibs (how’d you like the alliteration in that sentence?). Yesterday, I dragged all those clothes out of the closet to decide what to do with them. I anticipated a little nostalgia, of course, but what started out as a chore turned out to be something quite different. As I sorted through the clothes, each piece invoked an actual memory.

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It’s Here … In Black and White!

I wonder how often the Fedex delivery guy gets greeted at the door with a big smile, only to have the package practically snatched out of his hand? Poor man! He looked a little startled. Still, I bet that’s not the first time something like that happened to him.

I’m hoping he’ll excuse my rudeness, though, because I’m a bit excited. The anthology with my first “official” published short story finally arrived on my doorstep. To my credit, the first thing I turned to wasn’t my own story, it was actually … oh, who am I kidding? Of COURSE, I looked for my story first thing.

And there it was. They spelled my name right and everything!


P.S. If you’re interested, you can click the link to go to the website. You can order a book from there or you can wait and the digital book will be available soon.

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First-Time Fun

Writing of any kind is an intense, introspective process that pulls both the best and the worst from the author. After the paper/script/speech/novel is finally finished, the author is free to relax, secure in her knowledge that, for the time being, she can just wait for another inspiration to strike.

Um, NOT. Continue reading

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And It’s Away …

I just sent my short story to the publishers with the last edits. And, good news! Yesterday’s ambivalence has transformed into excitement. As I finished my read-through, I became enamored of my characters once again. I remembered why I liked the story to begin with and how it made me feel when I finished the last line (BTW:  it’s my second-favorite line in the story. Once it’s published, I’ll tell you my favorite line.)

Just a little giggle to share:   Continue reading

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Second Time’s The Charm?

After a long wait, the second round of edits arrived from the publishers of the short-story anthology that will print “A Single Touch.” Surprisingly enough, the edits were pretty minor. I’m pleased!

I already made the edits. Now all that remains … Continue reading

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What Happens Next?

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” — attributed to, among others, John Lennon (in “Beautiful Boy”)

My dad recently celebrated his 70th birthday at a party thrown by his wife and his kids (one of whom is me, of course). We offered lots of dessert — my dad does love his lemon meringue pie and Watergate cake — punch, munchies and conversation. As I looked around the room at the people visiting with each other, my dad sat next to me and started telling me stories about some of the guests. He started off by saying, “There are a lot of good people in this room.” I raised my eyebrows at him, and he began offering such interesting tidbits that I wished for my computer so I could write things down! Continue reading

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The Name’s The Thing

I don’t know about other writers, but I do a BUNCH of research before I name my characters. First I google the name I’ve chosen to be sure he/she isn’t a famous artist, a reviled terrorist, my next door neighbor (whose name I’ve decided to use as the villain of the story), or my long-lost aunt/uncle. This process isn’t as easy as it sounds. Since the advent of Twitter, Facebook and the myriad social media sites out there that list names, I can assure you that, if I can think of a name, someone else has already done so. I’ve even purposely chosen the most obscure names and first/last name combinations that I can think of, and more often than not, someone else already possesses that name. As an example, did you know that someone named “Richmond Stevens” lives in Ohio?  Yeah, neither did I. But I do now. And if I wanted to use his name as a very authoritarian member of a council, that name is now OUT. *sigh*

Once I’ve eliminated those pesky “I already have that name and I might potentially sue you if you use it” obstacles, then I turn to “what does the name MEAN”? For example, in one of the stories I’m working on now, my character is a lover, not a fighter. So after some research, I decided to go for the name  Continue reading

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