And It’s Away …

I just sent my short story to the publishers with the last edits. And, good news! Yesterday’s ambivalence has transformed into excitement. As I finished my read-through, I became enamored of my characters once again. I remembered why I liked the story to begin with and how it made me feel when I finished the last line (BTW:  it’s my second-favorite line in the story. Once it’s published, I’ll tell you my favorite line.)

Just a little giggle to share:  I’m not quite sure what the title will be once it’s published. They requested a title change with the first round of edits, and I sent several suggestions, noting that I would be satisfied with any of the choices. When the edits came back, one of the editors commented on how much she liked one of the suggestions, yet the other editor saved the document using another of the suggestions.

So what will the title be? Currently, your guess is as good as mine! 🙂


About txsunshine

I'm a daughter, wife, mother of two, PTA volunteer (way too many hours), church goer, liberal-leaning transplanted Texan. I love to write (boy, do I love to write), watch good TV and talk to other people. I also love sports (when my kids play) and spending time with friends and family. I believe that our society would flourish if we lived the Golden Rule ... really, truly lived it.
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6 Responses to And It’s Away …

  1. Riley says:

    I don’t like it when they mess with titles but at least you like either of their choices. I will be awaiting publication eagerly.

    • txsunshine says:

      I’m looking forward to publication, too. As far as the titles go … I’ve decided that sometimes what’s in my brain isn’t as obvious to the reader as it is to me. And I’d rather things be clearer than not, so it’s all good!

      Thanks for visiting, Riley!

  2. luciesmoker says:

    Julie, I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to read it! And then there’s the mystery of title. I don’t think any author understands titles like booksellers. What matters is the story girl!

  3. luciesmoker says:

    500 words today. No excuses. Then join Absolute Write and you can “slum” with us mystery people in the 500-words-a-day thread.

  4. Laura says:

    Saving my pennies to buy a copy!! I may even mail it to you for a signature!

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