Traffic Signals

File this under the heading of too bizarre not to share …

While vacationing in Grand Cayman last week, my family’s car pulled to a stop as the traffic light turned red. I turned my head to the right and noticed a very big lizard, at least three feet long, sitting calmly on the sidewalk, just in front of the cross walk of the street running perpendicular to us. I poked my husband in the arm and said, “Look at that lizard. It’s huge! I wonder what it’s doing on the sidewalk?”

He obligingly glanced over and agreed that the lizard was indeed huge. As we watched for a moment longer, the lizard remained motionless, looking across the street at the other side. I wondered aloud again what on earth it could be doing. By this time, my husband joined me in staring at the lizard, waiting for it to do something.

We watched. It waited. We watched. It waited. Finally, our stoplight turned green, allowing us to move forward. At the same time, the cross walk signal flashed for pedestrians to walk.

The lizard then stepped into the cross walk and started crossing the street!

No. Joke.

He marched determinedly across the street, looking neither right or left. I turned all the way around in my seat, trying to keep my eyes on the lizard as our car pulled away. The last thing I saw was the lizard nearing the median, still marching, still staring straight ahead, still going wherever its little lizard body decided it needed to go.

I guess even mama lizards teach their baby lizards the proper way to cross the street.


About txsunshine

I'm a daughter, wife, mother of two, PTA volunteer (way too many hours), church goer, liberal-leaning transplanted Texan. I love to write (boy, do I love to write), watch good TV and talk to other people. I also love sports (when my kids play) and spending time with friends and family. I believe that our society would flourish if we lived the Golden Rule ... really, truly lived it.
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1 Response to Traffic Signals

  1. Alex says:

    He received one too many jaywalking tickets and now he knows better? Ha ha

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