Six Seconds To Make Me Happy

This is more an email kind of thing, but that’s still writing-related, right?

I have a pet peeve. I get really irritated when people don’t respond to an email in a timely fashion. I understand that not everyone has a smartphone, so they can’t respond immediately. I even admire that ability to be separated from an online existence. I also understand that not everyone logs on to their computers to check their email accounts every day. I couldn’t do it, but I do understand it.

But when two or three days pass and I don’t receive a response to an email that obviously asks for an answer, I take offense. If you’re busy, say so. Does it take that long to write, “Sorry, really busy now, but I’ll get back to you ASAP”? No, it does not take that long. I timed it. I typed that response in six seconds.

By the way, I’m not talking about a “joke” email or one full of pictures of my kids acting goofy. I’m referring to emails that are business or volunteer oriented, ones that require an answer before I can proceed with whatever task is at hand. If you don’t answer, how can I be sure that you received anything at all? Then I’m faced with the decision about whether to re-send it (and be seen as an email stalker) or to wait even longer (and risk messing with my blood pressure).

I can’t be the only one who faces this problem. And I can’t be the only one annoyed by it.

I’m begging you. Please answer your emails, even if only to tell me that you can’t answer the emails.

At least then I’ll know you’re not ignoring me. My blood pressure will thank you.


About txsunshine

I'm a daughter, wife, mother of two, PTA volunteer (way too many hours), church goer, liberal-leaning transplanted Texan. I love to write (boy, do I love to write), watch good TV and talk to other people. I also love sports (when my kids play) and spending time with friends and family. I believe that our society would flourish if we lived the Golden Rule ... really, truly lived it.
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4 Responses to Six Seconds To Make Me Happy

  1. Shan says:

    This was posted in my email box at 12:31 PM and it’s now 3:19, which means I responded within three hours! Pretty good if I do say so myself.

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve been guilty of reading an email, especially at work, then blanking on responding until a day or two later and then I go, “Oh no, I forgot about this one!” *palm to forehead*

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