Paramourtal: Volume 2

Good news! “The Nexus” a short story of 8,000 words, has been selected to be published in Parmourtal:  Volume 2, an anthology of paranormal/romance works of fiction. I believe there are 10 stories in this edition, but I’m not completely certain since they haven’t published the full list of authors yet.

“The Nexus” (which you won’t find on this blog) is about a lonely psychic and a driven private detective who work together to save a girl from a serial killer. Oh, yes, and there’s also the psychic’s phone sex sister and the wee issue of the detective battling trauma from the war that complicates both of their lives. I won’t tell you more than that, but I hope you’ll check out the book when it’s released.

I also heard a rumor that there might be a book signing in a few months. That should be fun!

I’ll update the blog when I have more information. Until then, you can check the links section to visit the website of the publisher.


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I'm a daughter, wife, mother of two, PTA volunteer (way too many hours), church goer, liberal-leaning transplanted Texan. I love to write (boy, do I love to write), watch good TV and talk to other people. I also love sports (when my kids play) and spending time with friends and family. I believe that our society would flourish if we lived the Golden Rule ... really, truly lived it.
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1 Response to Paramourtal: Volume 2

  1. Alex says:

    Great job! Very exciting!

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