No Writing, Just Rejection …

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately. Between family issues and an overly busy personal life, no inspiration struck me in the last weeks.

Also, to add to my frustrations, I’ve received a flurry of “no” answers from short story magazines. Well, I guess three rejections isn’t exactly a “flurry,” but still. I submitted “Decade” to two magazine (received a no answer from both). I immediately resent “Decade” to another magazine because, darn it, I LIKE that story. I also received a “no” for “Nexus.” I haven’t resubmitted that one anywhere because it’s a harder sell … 8,000 is long for a short story.

I still haven’t heard about “Soldier Prayers,” but the way my luck is running this week, the rejection may be hitting my email inbox about …. NOW. I also haven’t heard about “Cascade.”

I know I shouldn’t whine. I don’t write to be published. I write because the stories live in my head, and I can’t help it. But writing is hard work, and a little appreciation would be, well, it would be appreciated!


About txsunshine

I'm a daughter, wife, mother of two, PTA volunteer (way too many hours), church goer, liberal-leaning transplanted Texan. I love to write (boy, do I love to write), watch good TV and talk to other people. I also love sports (when my kids play) and spending time with friends and family. I believe that our society would flourish if we lived the Golden Rule ... really, truly lived it.
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4 Responses to No Writing, Just Rejection …

  1. Alex says:

    We appreciate you – and your writing – lots and lots!


    • txsunshine says:

      Many thanks, Alex. I know you appreciate me! I was talking more in a “big bad world doesn’t appreciate me” kind of way.

      You’re awesome, and I appreciate you back.

  2. Heather says:

    Ditto what Alex said!

    It’s just a matter of time … one day one of these magazines and/or agents will get a darn CLUE!

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